Friday, February 17, 2012

Staying Young and Healthy in my 50s

I have discovered some keys to staying healthy these days. I cut out processed foods, and cut out white sugar and flour as much as possible. Eat lots of veggies and fruits and drink my greens daily. That keeps the body much as anything can. Oh...not saying that environment doesn't make a difference, but we want to do as much as is possible under our own power to treat our bodies right.

I am feeling really good these days. I take my vitamins and supplements every day, eat a more healthy balanced diet, and try to get enough sleep every night. I am trying to look as good as I can too. Losing all that weight...55 lbs since a year ago November has been great. I have mostly kept it off too which is a miracle. I can tell when I am eating bad stuff, and a week of really clean eating gets the weight back off.  The one thing that I found is that when my face got skinnier, I ended up with a turkey neck. I HATE that. Too much loose skin under the chin. I found a solution. I started wrapping my face and neck with a body wrap from It Works.  Boy am I happy. Look at the results:
I lost several inches when wrapping my tummy too. You know that belly fat that doesn't want to go away, even when you diet? No amount of sit ups will shrink it. Mine is a menopause belly. Others have baby belly. You know that stretchy skin that is all out of shape with stretch marks and all loose.  You can wrap that belly and tone and tighten it up. I was so impressed that I decided to sell the stuff.  Look at what it does:
Even men like works for them too. Check out this result with a guy's tummy.

So....I now have a business.  I do wrap parties where you and a few friends come and I wrap your tummies. It is not invasive, private, and fun. I measure your tummy, wrap it with the herbal detox patch, and then cellophane. After 45 minutes of percolating, I take you into the other room, unwrap you and measure.  It is great fun, and people get immediate results.  This is great, because I am looking better...shrinking in places, tightening up my loose face lift necessary,  and helping others to look their best and feel great about themselves. My kind of thing. Plus I LOVE people. This business is all about people and that is my "bag" as my husband says.

I decided to make God my business partner. I am trusting that He knows how to do this better than I do. So far so good. I am having a blast talking to everyone about wrapping and showing them my before and after photos. I have been wondering what to do with myself that would get me off my butt and out of the house. I wanted to work without having a 9-5 job. This is great!  Got a party tomorrow morning...6 ladies coming and general merriment commencing.  I am having more fun with this non job than I have had in years. Thanks Marjorie for introducing me to it. If you want more information, please go to the website and contact me. 

Feeling good and staying young. Two things that are important in my 50s. Eating healthy, taking care of myself and staying active is how I am trying to accomplish it. Doing something new with my life and meeting lots of new people, and keeping my brain engaged. I was becoming a couch potato and now I am up and going.  It's good to do that when you turn 57. I look at some people my age and they are looking soooooo old. That is not going to be me. I am going into my golden years...on roller skates, or maybe a motorcycle...whooping and hollering. I am having the time of my life and intend on doing it until my last breath.