Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adventures Around the World

      Well,  2 days till lift off. I've got everything I need...extra batteries, snacks for the plane, (all low carb), clothes, clothes for Bill, extra glasses, sunglasses, camera memory cards...and the list goes on.  Our front and back yard have been under construction for 2 weeks, and that has made the time go faster. We have had the yard in our neighborhood with trees and dirt, (and weeds), for 6 years.  I am elated to finally be able to look outside and see something else. I don't know if they will finish in 2 days. Today the cement curbing is going in, front and back. HOORAY for cement curbing!
       Bill calls me every day, and he is excited about this trip. We have traveled all over the world.  So many beautiful places and amazing people that we have been privileged to meet. This trip is the first we've taken in our own hemisphere.  The Bahamas are just a hop skip and a jump from Florida.  We meet Friday night in Miami, spend the night, and then catch a plane in the morning to paradise.
       We are going to Eleuthera Island, actually a small island off the tip or Eleuthera, called Spanish Wells. It was settled hundreds of years ago by Europeans fleeing persecution. Spanish Wells is a tiny island, with nothing touristy on it. We are renting a house on the beach, that comes with a small outboard boat, a kayak, a golf cart for getting around the island, and hooray for modern technology...internet. There are fun and interesting things to do, a water taxi ride away, and we will be doing those. All in all a time for relaxation!
      Tonight I am going with my friend Shannon to see the Broadway musical Wicked. Tomorrow is packing, and Friday at 4:30 in the morning I leave for the airport. I am going to post my way through this trip. Hope I can think of interesting things to say!

 “When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money”. – Unknown

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