Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Internet Finally

So many thoughts and no internet to write them down. Flew out of Seattle Friday night at 10:35 and was able to sleep fairly well. First class is amazing and one could definitely get used to it.  Bill met me at the airport, we had breakfast and boarded our plane for Eleuthera (pronounced El oo' te ra) island. As we flew we could see the colors of the water change. How many words for blue are there? Turquoise, azure and aqua come to mind. We could see many different greens and blues, even something that looked like neon green and electric turquoise. We wondered what the big dark patches in the water were. The white fluffy clouds made dark patches on the beautiful water. We landed at a tiny little airport and taxi #146 driven by David Albury was waiting for us. He drove us to the ferry dock, loaded our luggage on the boat, and gave us a minute to stock up on wine and beer at the liquor store. Spanish Wells is a dry island. The ride was uneventful, the weather is hot and humid, but the breeze flows over your skin in welcome relief.

My first view of the island was of pretty houses, painted in white, pink, and yellow with darker trim in the same colors. As we pulled up to the concrete pier and stairs which was the dock, our rental agent Lorraine was waiting for us. We drove along the streets, a whole 2 miles to our beautiful place on the north end of the island. As we drove, golf carts passed us almost every minute.  We are staying in Conch Shell Villa which has conch shells everywhere. They are cemented into the walls, on all the paths, ringing the trees, and just thrown into the underbrush. Our golf cart was waiting in our driveway. Spanish Wells is only 2 miles long and 1 mile wide and everyone drives golf carts to get around. People also own cars and there were cars on the road, but golf carts are prefered. Some are really tricked out with flames painted on and big bass stereos. There are teens on this island, but that bass noise seems very out of place. Our house is totally quiet. Only the sound of birds, crickets, and 2 kitties meowing. Evidently they were born here, the agent had them fixed, and the renters feed them. We are off to buy kitty food today.

We swam yesterday in water that is so blue, and warm that it feels like bathwater. Saw tons of tiny little fish swimming in the shallow waters in schools and wondered what kind they are. The big dark patches we saw from the plane are sea grass. There are all kinds of wonderful sea creatures inhabiting the grass from baby lobsters, to conch, fish, starfish and who knows what else. The internet is back on...for how long I don't know so I am going to get this posted. We will find out about scuba and snorkeling in a day or 2. I am hoping that I can do either or both with a bum arm.  I hope the internet will be still be on for another post later.

Be an explorer. The universe is filled with wonder and magical things.

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