Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Today I figured out that there will be no snorkeling for me. Probably that means diving too. The boats have little platforms on the back and you have to pull yourself up on them and then flip over on your behind to sit. One boat had a small ladder but the hand rail is on my bum side. There is no way that I could get up out of the water. I am very disappointed but there are other things to do.

Bill, however, made arrangements to go fishing with Capt. Ron tomorrow morning. I can't fish either, so I will stay here at the house, take a walk on the beach, read a book, go to the shell shop, look at touristy stuff. He'll be gone a half day, and I hope he has fun and catches dinner.  He deserves to have fun on his R&R!  I can drive the golf cart which is driven on the wrong side of the road. The funny thing is that the steering wheel is on the left instead of on the right in other countries that are "wrong" side driving. The speed limit is 25, but there is no way we can go over that.

The sun is out today with scattered clouds. The temperature is balmy and not too hot. What a beautiful place. The people are all very friendly, and everyone waves when you pass. We went out in the little boat last night and went around the whole island. We'll do it again this afternoon and I will take some pictures from the water. The water is very shallow in places. It could be tricky for big boats if they aren't careful.The reef that is about 1/2 mile out is called the Devil's Backbone  There have been many wrecks including the original settlers of Spanish Wells in the 17th century, so they tell you not to go out there.
More to come later!

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